Uber loses Employment Appeal Tribunal on Workers Rights

In October 2016 the Employment Tribunal decided that Uber drivers were “workers” for the purposes of employment law, not self-employed as Uber had claimed. Uber appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) who have now dismissed the appeal, agreeing with the original decision that the drivers were workers.  This entitles them to basic employment rights […]

Foster carer fights for worker status to secure basic employment rights

Companies like Uber, Citysprint, and Deliveroo have hit the headlines in recent months as their workers challenge their worker status in order to secure better employment conditions. Many people suggested at the time that the landmark ruling from these cases would open the floodgates to similar claims beyond gig economy companies and sure enough this […]

Ryanair flight choas highlights the importance of effective Annual Leave Management

Ryanair has recently hit the headlines after a disastrous mismanagement of pilots’ annual leave led to the company cancelling tens of thousands of scheduled flights. The aftershock of this error will undoubtedly have a massive financial impact on the company as well as serious reputational damage. Managing annual leave requests shouldn’t cause these kinds of problems […]

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

The long awaited Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices better known as the Taylor Review was published on 11th July 2017. Matthew Taylor was asked by the Government to investigate whether current employment practices are still viable in today’s society, particularly given the greater demand for flexible working and increased media focus […]

Minimum Wage for Sleeping on the Job?

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal found that a night care worker required to sleep in at a service user’s home was entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for all hours worked, including time spent asleep. In the case of Focus Care Agency v Roberts, Brian Roberts was employed as a care worker […]