Gay Cakes – A case of Discrimination vs Religious Beliefs

The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal recently handed down its decision in the so-called ‘gay cake’ case, more properly known as Lee v Ashers Baking Company. This was an interesting example of how to treat conflicts between different types of discrimination – in this case discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation vs. religious belief. […]

Gender Pay Reporting is on its way

Gender Pay Reporting regulations are due to come into force on 6 April 2017 and will apply to public and private sector employers with 250 or more employees. At the moment, the government is not concerned with forcing smaller employees to report their data but it looks as though they will be encouraged to do […]

Government Review of the Impact of Employment Tribunal Fees

The Ministry of Justice has just published its review of the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees in July 2013. Fees have been a controversial subject with employers’ groups claiming that there were too many nuisance claims before fees, and unions and other employee bodies claiming that fees have reduced access to justice. What is not […]

Employer Dress Codes: What businesses need to know

Last year the widely publicized “high heels case” hit the headlines when PwC receptionist Nicola Thorp was sent home without pay after refusing to wear high heels at work. A petition causing for this practice to be made illegal was then signed by over 150,000 people, prompting a committee of MPs to look into the […]

Long term stress – Is it a disability?

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision in the case of Herry v Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council considered whether long term stress can constitute a disability for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010.  The answer in this case was no – not by itself. In this case, Mr Herry asserted that he had two disabilities: […]

What laws surrounding gig economy should startups be aware of, and what are the pitfalls for startups reliant on this type of workforce?

The rise of the “gig economy” where short-term, flexible and somewhat unpredictable working patterns are prevalent at the expense of basic employment rights has hit headlines recently in three high profile employment cases.  How does this affect the new and increasing number of startup businesses which are reliant on this type of workforce? Companies such […]