Are you in dispute with a supplier or a customer?  Do you need to enforce your rights under a business contract?  Perhaps you need specialist advice on a construction dispute?  We can help.

Business disputes can be a huge drain on the time, resources and finances of a business.  Whether you are in dispute with a customer or a supplier, you need an expert who can fight your corner and give expert, cost-effective advice to get the problem resolved.

Our Approach

At Backhouse Solicitors our team of expert lawyers are here to help you.  We understand that every problem is different and our expertise lies in finding the right solution for you.

Start simple…..can we negotiate?

In some cases, a dispute might just need a fresh pair of expert eyes to get things moving. As skilled negotiators, we will talk to the other parties involved and endeavour to get you the best outcome.

Taking it up a level…..getting formal around the negotiating table

If you’ve exhausted basic negotiation then we might suggest a more formal alternative dispute resolution process.  This could be a conciliation or mediation with an independent third party and will usually be cheaper than resorting to the courts.  In some types of dispute such as construction claims, this kind of dispute resolution can be mandatory under the industry standard terms of business.

The litigation option…..when talking doesn’t work

In some instances, negotiation just doesn’t work.  If this is the case, we can offer our expert guidance to help you through the maze of litigation.  We will prepare your case and either represent you in court ourselves or in more specialist cases, find you the right barrister to give you the best chance of winning.

If your business is suffering due to an ongoing dispute, let us get things moving in the right direction. To book a free initial consultation with one of our expert solicitors, contact us today.

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