Business contracts terms and conditions

Have you ever updated your business contracts, terms and conditions?  Are you starting to sell on the internet or another new market for the first time?  Are you sure your terms and conditions are enforceable in the event of a dispute?  We can help.

Why does your business need Contracts, Terms and Conditions?

Business contracts and related terms and conditions are a fundamental part of your relationship with your customers.  Whether you have bespoke contracts for one-off pieces of work or general terms and conditions that apply to all your customers, it is extremely important to get them right.

At the most basic level, professionally drafted contracts or standard terms of business lay out what you agree to provide as a service or goods for your customers.  Without them, how do you enforce an informally agreed price?  We all like to think the best of our customers and believe that nothing will ever go wrong, but from time to time disputes are inevitable.  If you don’t have a legal contract you run the risk of not being paid by your customers.

Common pitfalls we often see include not updating contracts when a business changes name or perhaps changes from a sole trader to a limited company.  Maybe the law has changed and parts of a contract are no longer relevant or even legal.  Those old terms and conditions which haven’t been looked at for 10 years could mean that you don’t get paid for your work!

At Backhouse Solicitors we are experts in preparing contracts, terms and conditions for our clients.  We will ask you the right questions to establish what you require and then prepare carefully tailored contracts to meet your needs.

What should be included in your contracts, terms and conditions?

For bespoke work, you might need a quite detailed, tailored contract to cover the essentials of the work you are to do.  Here are some basics that should be considered:

  • Definitions – who is the contract between?

  • Pricing – standard price, discounts for early settlement or bulk purchase etc.

  • Contact details and potential response times

  • Renewal terms and cancellation periods

  • Payment terms – credit terms, interest or penalties for late payment, how payment should be made, what happens on insolvency or bankruptcy etc.

  • Delivery terms – how, when etc.

  • Returns policy – how returns can be made, any enhanced rights over and above statutory rights etc

  • Risk – when does legal title pass from the seller to the buyer

  • Complaints and Disputes – time limits, procedures, including regulatory procedures if applicable

  • Distance selling (if applicable) – this is important if you don’t meet your customers face to face

  • Intellectual property rights – if applicable

  • Guarantees, warranties and indemnities – if applicable

  • Governing law in the event of a dispute, severability of contract terms, whole contract clauses etc

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of how detailed your terms and conditions might need to be.

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