What is Grant of Probate?

When someone close to you dies you may have to tidy up their legal and financial affairs and distribute their assets to their heirs. To do this you will need to obtain Grant of Probate. What is Grant of Probate? In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this is the process of getting legal authority to administer the estate of […]

Brexit and Employment Law

With all the noise, drama and confusion surrounding Brexit some topics such as borders have dominated the headlines and the subject of employment law has received very little attention.  We have previously said that we didn’t expect many changes in the short term and it appears that this correct. In July the Government published its […]

Workplace Dress Code Policies – New Guidance published

The Government Equalities Office recently published new guidance for employers and employees on workplace dress codes and avoiding discrimination.  You can download the original document below, but we have prepared a summary of the key points for employers to take on board. View the Government Equalities Office dress code guidelines: Dress codes and sex discrimination – what […]