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Blended Families and Wills

Blended families have become more common, and the intricacies of relationships and the sharing of assets can present unique challenges in estate planning. Drafting a Will within a blended family context requires a delicate balance of consideration, sensitivity and fairness. Blended families often involve children [...]

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How to Find your Legal Expert: Part 4 – Employment Lawyer for Employers

In this fourth edition of the Backhouse guide to finding your legal expert series, we are covering Employment Law for Employers. As an employer, you want to ensure that any legal advice you receive is professional, trustworthy and takes account of your commercial needs as [...]

By |2024-05-16T16:55:27+01:00May 16th, 2024|

The consequences of failing to pay the National Minimum Wage

With the new rates now in place for the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”), it is important that all employers update their pay structure to reflect the changes and keep sufficient records to ensure workers are being paid the correct entitlement. As we all know, pay [...]

By |2024-05-07T10:06:16+01:00May 7th, 2024|

Legal Protection for Unmarried Couples – Cohabitation Agreements, Wills and Declarations of Trust

Changes in society over the years have seen more couples in the UK choosing to marry later or not at all.  Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that around 20% of families in the UK are now made up of cohabiting couples, a figure [...]

By |2024-04-26T17:40:46+01:00April 26th, 2024|

How to Find your Legal Expert: Part 3 – Will Writing Solicitor

Welcome to another edition of our series and in this article, we will look at the best practices and top tips to consider when searching for the right solicitor to write or update your Will. For many of us having a Will drawn up is [...]

By |2024-05-16T16:54:03+01:00April 17th, 2024|

How to register ownership of your property if you have lost the Title Deeds

Sometimes the title deeds to land or property can be lost over time, whether through lack of careful storage or more commonly where an elderly parent dies without passing on details of their finances. Although there are ways to replace lost deeds, the process involved [...]

By |2024-03-25T11:41:02+00:00March 25th, 2024|

How to Find your Legal Expert: Part 2 – Conveyancer

In this second edition in the series of our Backhouse guide to finding your legal expert, we are going to take you through the top tips and best practices when searching for your Conveyancing Lawyer. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced mover, [...]

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Understanding Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have all heard the terms ‘Litigation’ and ‘dispute resolution’ but what do they actually mean? Litigation and Dispute Resolution are formal processes in which legal disputes are resolved. They are fundamental aspects of the legal system, each serving a unique purpose in resolving conflicts. [...]

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Shareholder and Partnership Agreements – Have you done yours?

At Backhouse Solicitors our commercial law experts often see businesses with no formal shareholder or partnership agreements in place. Unfortunately, this lack of documentation only really becomes an issue at a crunch time for the business when problems are starting to occur, and it is at this [...]

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