Romantic Relationships in the Workplace

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s Chief Executive found himself in a bit of a pickle last week after he was fired for dating a fellow employee. Despite there being no suggestion of harassment or a non-consensual relationship, Easterbrook was dismissed because McDonald’s have a policy banning romantic relationships in the workplace which might lead to a conflict […]

Why you should implement a Lasting Power of Attorney?

We all know that we should write a will and most people will have already planned how their affairs should be dealt with following their death. Fewer people however will have considered implementing a Lasting Power of Attorney. What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document […]

Filing for Divorce Part 3 – Divorce Settlements, Financial arrangements and children

Filing for divorce is, for most, a daunting task. Whether children are involved or not, it is an emotional time for you and your partner and so other factors including court proceedings, financial agreements and property agreements can make the process all the more difficult to manage. If you’ve made the decision to initiate divorce […]

Filing For Divorce – Part 1 of a 3 Part Guide

Applying for divorce is most often a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved in the relationship. The practicalities and arrangements that need to be made through divorce proceedings can make it all the more daunting – factors such as finances, possessions and family only add to the complexities. If you’ve made the decision to […]