Is your employer putting you in a position where you feel forced to resign?  Are you thinking of claiming constructive dismissal?

Constructive dismissal put simply is where your employer’s behaviour has made your working life so difficult that you feel they have effectively dismissed you.  Constructive dismissal claims are very high risk so you should always take legal advice before resigning.

At Backhouse Solicitors we are experts in employment law and constructive dismissal claims.  We offer a free 30 minute interview to discuss your circumstances, and we will give you honest, no-nonsense advice on whether you have a good case.  If you decide to bring an employment tribunal claim we will help you every step of the way from filling in the forms to representing you at the tribunal.

The benefits for you:

  • You can find out if you have a case before you resign, not afterwards

  • You will understand how to resign and bring a claim properly

  • If you instruct us to help you, you will have the best chance of success

  • A free 30 minute interview – you can find out if you have a good case for free

Don’t make a risky leap in the dark – contact us to speak to one of our expert solicitors.

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