Updating A Will

Do you need to make updates to your Will? Have there been some major changes that may affect your original Will?  We can help.

The Government advises that you should review your Will every 5 years and following any major change in your life. We think that an annual “mental MoT” of your Will is the best way to ensure it is up to date.

Minor changes to your wishes can be made by drawing up a supplementary document called a “codicil” which must be signed and witnessed like the original Will.  For major changes, however, it is advisable to re-write your Will properly, noting that it supersedes all earlier Wills and then destroying the old versions.

Major changes that would usually prompt a re-write would include:

  • Getting divorced or separated from your partner
  • Getting married – this automatically cancels any earlier Will so a new one should always be made
  • Having children
  • Moving house
  • If an executor you have named in your Will dies or becomes otherwise unable to act for you


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