Have you received a claim for Unfair, Wrongful or Constructive Dismissal from an employee?  Do you need expert help to fight it?

At Backhouse Solicitors we have a great deal of experience working with our employer clients to fight these claims.  Because we work for both employers and employees, we can anticipate the tactics the other side will use and we will prepare the best possible defence for you.  Compensation for unfair dismissal can reach over £100,000, so good advice can save you a small fortune.

Do you need help understanding the different claims?  Here is our Jargon Buster:

  • Wrongful dismissal – where your employee alleges that you have dismissed them in breach of the terms of their employment contract (usually without notice or with insufficient notice)

  • Unfair dismissal – your employee alleges that you have broken the conditions for a dismissal to be fair:

      • their dismissal must be for one of the fair reasons laid down in law
      • the reason must be sufficient to justify their dismissal
      • the dismissal procedure you followed must be fair
  • Constructive dismissal – put very simply, your employee alleges that they have had to terminate their own employment because of your behaviour as an employer (e.g. not paying wages, treating them very badly).  This is a very high-risk strategy for an employee.

Dealing with a claim the wrong way is not only expensive, but it can also encourage copycat claims from other staff.  We will guide you down the right path to help avoid this.

The benefits for your business:

  • We resolve most cases before Tribunal – saving you money and time

  • We help you take a firm hand with malicious and unreasonable claims – many will be withdrawn and you will discourage copycat claims

  • Our solicitors and barristers are experts – you stand a better chance of winning

  • We are experienced negotiators – if you decide to settle with the other side we will get you the best deal

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