Research has shown that many people are afraid to visit a solicitor when they need help because they think it will be too expensive and they won’t find out the price until it is too late to change their mind.

Fair and transparent prices

At Backhouse Solicitors we believe in fair and transparent pricing and that’s why we’ve always offered a free initial consultation to help you decide if you like us and to find out how much it will cost to solve your problem.

Buying legal advice is a little different from buying a tin of baked beans.  You aren’t the same as everyone else – you are a unique individual with your own circumstances, needs and goals.  We don’t try and fit you in a box with one-size-fits-all advice, but will listen carefully to understand exactly what you need and tailor our advice to solve your particular problem. 

Because of this personal service, we will never try to be the cheapest on the market.  We will however always give good value for money and won’t leave you wishing you had paid a little more for a proper service.  As a wise man once said….

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Benjamin Franklin

We publish actual or guideline fees for a number of our services, together with information on who will work on your case and their experience.  To find out more, please click the relevant service box below.

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Tribunal Claims