What is Independent Legal Advice (often known as ILA)

Independent Legal Advice, or ILA as it’s often referred to, is where a lender requires you to seek specific, independent advice in relation to transaction documents they are asking you to sign. When is Independent Legal Advice needed? There are several different types of transactions where an individual or individuals will be asked to obtain […]

A Tendency to Steal is not a Disability

Is it reasonable to dismiss an employee who is caught stealing, even if they claim it is due to a disability?  In the recent case of Wood v Durham County Council, Mr Wood was caught shoplifting from Boots the Chemist and as a result was dismissed by his employer.  Mr Wood made a disability discrimination […]

A Self-Employed Carer can be given Employee status

One of the common characteristics of a self-employed person is that they have a right to substitute someone else to work for an employer on their behalf.   Indeed this is one of the key characteristics that both Employment Tribunals and HMRC use when making decisions on employed/self-employed status.  A recent case at the Employment Tribunal […]

Data Protection: Employers Vicariously Liable

After all the activity surrounding GDPR in the first half of 2018 things have largely calmed down in the press and with most businesses we talk to.  Some employers have ignored it and hoped it will go away (it won’t!) but most have at least put policies in place and trained their staff.  We think […]

9 Top Tips for First Time Buyers

Buying your first property is an exciting and often slightly daunting experience. We’ve put together nine helpful tips to demystify the process for first time buyers and help you along the road to a smooth and pain-free purchase. 1. Consider the costs of moving home First and most importantly, avoid setting yourself up for disappointment […]

Is it time to change your Will?

Surveys show that less than 50% of the UK adult population have made a Will Will Survey. If you are in that wise minority then congratulations – you have already taken important steps to reduce the strain on your family at a difficult time and to leave your assets to the right people.  Of course, […]

Lasting Powers Of Attorney are gaining in popularity

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPAs”) are slowly becoming more popular in the UK, but there is still a long way to go.  Figures for the year to April 2018 show a record-breaking figure of 759,976 applications for LPAs.  This is a huge improvement over the […]

UK National Minimum Wage Rates for 2019

The UK National Minimum Wage rates for 2019 have now been introduced together with increases in other statutory rates of pay.  Employers are advised to ensure their payroll systems are updated from 1st April. National Minimum Wage Rates from 1 April 2019: Workers aged 25 and over – £8.21 (up from £7.83) Workers aged 21 to […]

Review of the Legal Changes to Confidentiality Clauses

In some recent high profile cases involving harassment and discrimination it appears that confidentiality clauses may have been used to silence potential victims.  The Government has now issued a consultation document seeking views on how this might be prevented in future. What is a Confidentiality Clause? Confidentiality clauses have a well-established place in employment law. […]