How does Marriage and Divorce affect a Will?

If you are one of the 46% of UK adults who has prepared a Will then congratulations – you’ve done the right thing.  But what will happen to your Will if you get married or divorced?  In this article we look at the impact and what steps you may need to take.  Wills after Marriage […]

Shared Parental Leave Pay

In a bid to “promote wellbeing and gender equality”, and encourage fathers to spend more time with their children, Finland’s new government announced plans to give all parents the same parental leave. Paid allowance will increase to a combined 14 months, which works out as 164 days per parent. A 2019 directive indicates the EU […]

Planning to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability

Inheritance tax is often said to be one of the least fair UK taxes.  Having already taxed your income once, HMRC asks for another 40% slice of your estate (after allowances) when you die.  Fortunately, Inheritance Tax (or “IHT” as it’s commonly known) can often be reduced by careful (and legal!) planning in advance. Inheritance […]