Is your business GDPR compliant? Do you need help understanding GDPR? Are you worried about fines and want to keep on the right side of the law?

After all the publicity in 2018, most people are now familiar with the term “GDPR”, but as an employer how clear are you on the rules and regulations?  Our expert employment law team can help you review your current processes and check they are compliant with GDPR and other UK Data Protection legislation.  They can assess any potential risks to your business and, if necessary, build or enhance a GDPR compliance plan tailored for you.

If you are just starting a business, the Backhouse Solicitors team also run workshops to guide and support you through the entire process to ensure you and your company are protected and following Data Protection law.

GDPR Workshops from Backhouse Solicitors.

We have a comprehensive training package on GDPR, compliance and data protection’s impact on businesses, which is available to all:

  • Our “Understand GDPR” workshop is ideal for any new business starting out.  It teaches senior managers what is required under the rules and how to ensure the business is compliant

  • Our “Plan and Initiate GDPR” workshop takes this a step further and works with senior management to develop a company wide plan to integrate a suitable GDPR process into the business

GDPR Compliance Check Service from Backhouse Solicitors

If you find the challenge of GDPR regulations rather overwhelming or need reassurance you have the correct measures in place to be compliant, then don’t panic – our GDPR Compliance Check Service can help put your mind at ease!

  • Our “GDPR Check Service” is designed to go back to when GDPR was a hot topic.  We will review and check that necessary processes are in place within your business and still being followed, to establish if all regulations are being adhered to.

An Introduction to GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) came into effect in May 2018 for all business in the EU member states, as well as any company offering goods, services, or marketing to EU citizens.  Although the UK left the EU in 2019, the regulations are mandatory and written into UK law so all UK businesses must still comply.

GDPR introduced new obligations for any company that handles the personal data of EU citizens.  As a result, you are required to build data protection into your business processes by “design and default” rather than as an afterthought.

Fines for Non-compliance with GDPR

Breaching the regulations could have a significant financial impact on your business.  Fines for severe non-compliance can be up to the greater of 4% of global turnover or EUR20m.  Importantly, fines can be reduced if a company can show that they have made a genuine effort to protect data.

Don’t Panic – Planning and Preparation is Key to GDPR

Many companies in the market spread fear about GDPR, in an attempt to panic you into buying their consultancy and training services.  At Backhouse Solicitors we believe in doing things properly, and suggest you:

  • Understand the rules

  • Review your current operations and compliance

  • If your current policies are insufficient, prepare a plan to get compliant

  • Put that plan into action

By planning properly, you will avoid duplication of effort or missing important steps and will be able to demonstrate to the regulators that you have thought about the rules and made a proper effort to comply.

GDPR – Some questions for you

Ask yourself the following questions to help you understand how compliant your business is with GDPR rules:

  • Are we happy we understand what data we are holding?

  • Do we consider the Data Protection aspects of any new projects we undertake?

  • Have we updated our Data Protection Policy and trained all our staff in best practice?

  • How do we protect our data when employees work from home?

  • Do we encrypt all mobile devices which contain personal data?

  • Do we actively minimise the data we hold including deleting information we no longer need?

  • Do we ask clients/customers to opt-in to marketing information rather than presuming consent?

Backhouse Solicitors GDPR Training

More information regarding our GDPR workshop content and pricing can be found in our Backhouse Solicitors GDPR Training. 

Download our guide here:

Backhouse Solicitors GDPR Training

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