Legally Changing Your Name

Are you happy with your name? If not, we can help!

Whether you would like a change of surname, to add or remove a middle name, a change of spelling or a completely new set of names, contact our friendly Family Law team.

You can simply change your name and start using it straight away without the need for a legal document. If however, you wish your new name to appear on official documents such as a driving license or passport, it will have to be “authenticated”.

If your new name has been in use unofficially for some time, all that is required is a Statutory Declaration which is normally signed in the presence of a solicitor. If however, you have only recently changed your name and want to make it official straight away, you will require a Change of Name Deed.

Regardless of whether you require a Statutory Declaration or a Change of Name Deed, you can simply visit us at Backhouse Solicitors and we will prepare the required documents for you. We will need to see proof of identification (usually your current passport or driver’s license) and proof of address (usually a utility bill dated within the last 3 months).

Names that you can’t use

When you are choosing your new name, you need to be aware that there are certain restrictions. For example, you cannot use:

  • Numbers or symbols

  • Any names that are blasphemous, promote criminal activity or promote racial or religious hatred

  • First names that infer you have a title, rank or certain level of education such as Doctor, Dame or Captain

  • Punctuation marks that do not have a phonetic significance, but you can use a hyphen for a double-barrelled name or an apostrophe in the case of surnames such as O’Sullivan

A few things to note

From an administrative viewpoint, there are a few more rules:

  • You must be aged 18 or over to change your name by deed poll

  • A parent wishing to change the name of their child (under the age of 18) will, in most cases, require the consent of the other parent unless a court order has been granted

  • A parent wishing to change the name of a child who is aged from 16 to 18 will need consent from the other parent (unless there is a court order in place) and also from the child

Fixed Fee Service

If you would like to change your name and are over 18 years of age, we offer a Standard Fixed Fee package.


£175plus VAT
  • Package Includes:
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Change of Name Deed
  • 3 Certified Copies

So, in summary the process of changing your name is quite straightforward and very quick. If you are considering changing your name, or perhaps you have already done so and simply wish to make it official, then our experts can take you through the process and prepare the legal documents.

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