Liz Searl interview with Steve Frost

In this interview, Liz Searl and Steve Frost discuss keeping your house move progressing as smoothly as possible during the coronavirus lockdown. You can still carry on with your house sale or purchase Following her interview, Liz added: We appreciate that there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment, and the Government’s guidance is […]

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – further updates

We continue to receive further updates regarding the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme via questions to a Parliamentary Select Committee and social media. These are yet to be officially announced, though they do suggest that HMRC are doing all they can to put their systems in place quickly. Scheme Portal for employers The Parliamentary Select Committee […]

UK National Minimum Wage Rates for 2020

The UK National Minimum Wage rates for 2020 have now been introduced together with increases in other statutory rates of pay.  Employers are advised to ensure their payroll systems are updated from 1st April. National Minimum Wage Rates from 1 April 2020: Workers aged 25 and over – £8.72 (up from £8.21) Workers aged 21 […]

Updates to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is the main Government scheme to support employed workers during the Coronavirus crisis. Employers will soon be able to claim grants to furlough employees rather than making them redundant. You can read more details in our previous article. Clarifying which wages can be reclaimed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme […]

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Update – 27 March 2020

The Government have today provided more clarity regarding the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Who is eligible under the scheme? Businesses can claim for the following types of employees as long as they were on the payroll on 28 February 2020: Full time Part time Employees on agency contracts Employees on flexible or zero-hour contracts These […]

Residential Tenancies – New Protections from Eviction

The new Coronavirus Act 2020 introduces greater protection from eviction for residential tenants who may be struggling to pay the rent in the current period of redundancies, furlough and lock down. Extended notice periods Unlike with commercial tenancies, the Government has not prevented the eviction of residential tenants during this unprecedented period. They have however […]

Coronavirus – Clarity on Commercial Tenancies

The emergency Coronavirus Act 2020 was given Royal Assent on 25th March 2020, and is now enshrined in English law. Whilst a few sections simply provide the Government with powers to amend existing provisions of relevant legislation, section 82 of the Act has provided clarity on the protection from eviction for commercial Tenants. Evictions paused […]

BREAKING NEWS! Self-employed Support Structure

A quick summary, with a more detailed update from today’s briefing to follow. The Government have today announced the following support for self-employed individuals:- The Government will be paying 80% of monthly average income This will be based on the past 3 years’ trading profits. If you do not have 3 years, it will be […]