Do you have a standard format for providing employer references for leaving staff?  Have you been asked to provide a reference for an underperformer, or someone you did not get on with?  Do you know what you can and cannot say?

Writing a reference for a departing employee is something every employer expects to be asked.  As an employer you owe a duty of care to both the departing employee and prospective new employer to provide an accurate and non-misleading reference.  This can be difficult if your employee was dismissed, or if there was a breakdown in a personal relationship.  On the other hand, providing a glowing reference for a bad staff member could put you at risk from legal action by the new employer.

At Backhouse Solicitors, we are experts at creating reference policies and preparing standardised reference wording.  We can advise you on when you should refuse to give a reference, which of your staff should be able to give a reference on your behalf and what your references should contain to avoid accusations of discrimination or defamation.

The benefits for your business:

  • Only agreed people will write references – your business won’t be held liable for personal references

  • A standardised reference format – saving you time

  • An agreed wording for all employees – preventing accusations of favouritism or discrimination

Don’t send a reference that you will regret later – contact us to speak to one of our expert employment law solicitors.

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