Do you have a member of staff claiming that they are being bullied or victimised?  Do you have a procedure for dealing with this?  More importantly, do your managers know what to do?

It’s a fact of life that people don’t always get along.  Within your business, this might be a minor inconvenience, or in the worst case it could lead to one staff member bullying, harassing or victimising another.  As an employer, reacting correctly can bring matters to a swift conclusion, saving management time, potentially avoiding formal grievances and helping to prevent sickness absence and ultimately tribunal claims.

At Backhouse Solicitors we can put in place the policies that make it clear that this behaviour is not acceptable to you.  We can train your managers in how to deal with bullying, harassment and victimisation in the workplace and help you hold grievance hearings if necessary.  If the worst happens, we can defend you against any subsequent claims from your employees.

The benefits for your business:

  • Clear and well communicated policies will reduce instances of bullying and harassment

  • Properly trained managers will resolve many issues before they get serious

  • Dealing with issues correctly reduces the likelihood of tribunal claims

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