Have you received an Employment Tribunal claim from an employee?  Do you need an expert to prepare your case and to represent you on the day?  Should the case even go to Tribunal – maybe it’s a malicious claim?

Receiving an Employment Tribunal claim from an employee or ex-employee can be a very stressful experience for a business.  Whether the claim is genuine or malicious, it is certain to cost money and drain valuable management time.  Employment Tribunal procedures are constantly evolving and there have been many changes in employment law to trap the unwary employer.  Fortunately, expert advice and assistance is just a call away, and it might not cost as much as you think.

At Backhouse Solicitors, we have represented clients in Tribunals all over the country.  Our expertise and negotiation skills mean we resolve most of our clients’ cases before they reach this stage.  If this can’t be done we will arrange the right representation for you – this might be one of our in-house solicitors or an experienced barrister who we know and trust.

The benefits for your business:

  • We resolve most cases before Tribunal – saving you money and time

  • Our solicitors and barristers are experts – you stand a better chance of winning

  • We are very experienced negotiators – if you wish to settle with the other side we will get you the best deal

  • We aren’t tied to an insurance company – our advice is independent and always in your best interests

For more information please contact us to speak to one of our expert employment law solicitors.

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