Are you owed money by a business or another person?  Are you unsure how to recover your money?  We can help.

At Backhouse Solicitors we have a team dedicated to Debt Recovery work; we have successfully collected millions of pounds for our clients.  The very same process that we use to collect thousands of debts for our business clients works just as effectively to recover what you are owed as an individual.

How Does it Work?

Our first stage is to sit with you and establish how much you are owed and how the debt has arisen.  We will then do some initial due diligence and will be honest and up front with you if we don’t think that the debt is recoverable – for example if the debtor is untraceable or has entered bankruptcy or liquidation.

For undisputed debts we will work to a fixed fee based on the size of the debt with fees starting from £500 + VAT.  For larger debts we can agree to a fixed percentage of the amount we recover.  If a debt is disputed, we will discuss fees with you before doing any work.

Our debt recovery experts will choose the best course of action to recover your debt, depending on the amount of money owed and what stage you have already reached.  Typically this will involve:

  • Sending a Letter Before Action

  • Issuing County Court Proceedings

  • Obtaining judgement against your debtor

  • Instructing Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers

  • Applying to wind up or bankrupt your debtor if necessary

We will also provide you with a login to our debt recovery portal so you can see how your case is progressing and what the next steps are.  Our team are also available to answer any questions you have and give you advice on how to proceed.

For all your personal debt recovery problems, contact Backhouse Solicitors today for effective, expert advice.

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