Are you are an employer needing an expert employment solicitor to guide you through the minefield of rules and regulations?

Do you need a top employment lawyer to defend you in an employment tribunal, resolve a workplace dispute or prepare a settlement agreement for an underperforming employee?

Perhaps you would like the peace of mind of a comprehensive fixed price employment law package so you can just concentrate on running your business?

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Our Approach

With so many other things to do, it is easy to see why businesses find it difficult to keep up to date with changes in employment law.  Often they aren’t aware of issues until they become serious, and by this stage it can take a lot of valuable management time and money to fix the problem.

At Backhouse Solicitors we prefer to take a proactive approach, developing long-term relationships with our clients and putting in place the policies and management training to minimise future problems.  Where problems still occur we will always be on hand to provide practical advice and solutions, and as an owner managed business ourselves, we understand that our help must offer value for money.

Unlike the large HR organisations, we don’t believe in distant call centres, with unqualified staff following a script.  You will always know the person you are dealing with, and you can be sure they are properly qualified to give you sensible, commercial advice.

Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a one-off piece of advice, call Backhouse Solicitors for some expert employment law help.

Our Services

1. One-Off Problem Solving

We can help resolve any employment issue or problem which has arisen in your organisation.  This could be anything from updating employment contracts for staff to advising on the correct procedures to follow for dismissing staff or making redundancies.  Call us now for advice if you need help.

2. Fixed Fee Services for Peace of Mind

We understand that businesses don’t like surprises when it comes to legal fees.  To provide peace of mind we can offer Backhouse HR & Employment Law Protect – a range of fixed fee services to help you manage your staff and minimise the chances of future problems occurring.

Backhouse HR & Employment Law Protect is priced according to your number of employees and can be paid annually or monthly.  It is available in Standard and Premium versions to suit the amount of help you need and prices start from as little as £1,000 per year.  Both versions provide you with:

  • Telephone and Email advice – to help you with employment issues

  • Employment Contracts and Handbooks – to keep you compliant with current laws

  • Annual Meetings – to discuss your employment law needs

  • Quarterly Speed Read bulletins – to keep you updated on changes in the law

In addition to all of these benefits you can if you wish add:

  • Defending Employment Tribunal Claims – often at a fixed cost

  • Training your staff and managers – to prevent future problems

  • Legal Expenses Insurance – to pay your legal fees in the event of a tribunal claim

To download an information sheet with our latest Backhouse HR & Employment Law Protect details and prices, click here:

How much will our services cost?


We always give a clear estimate in advance of how much our service will cost so you avoid any nasty surprises.  If the work proves more involved than expected we will always tell you before charging more fees and you can set cost limits at the outset. We always aim to give our clients value for money.

Our fixed fee services provide a cost effective alternative to obtaining advice when an issue or problem arises. They can be paid on a monthly or annual basis so you know exactly how much you will pay over a year.

An Employment Law Checklist for Your Business

Can you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions below?

  • Have you issued all employees with a contract of employment or a statement of their basic terms and conditions?

  • Have you put in place a disciplinary and grievance policy?

  • Have you put in place an equal opportunities statement dealing with discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation and age?

  • Do you have, or have you made an offer of a stakeholder pension?  Do you understand how pension laws are changing?

  • Do you have a written health and safety statement?

If not – contact us for help!

From 6 April 2018 the Employment Tribunal may award employees up to £98,922 in unfair dismissal cases (compensatory award limited to the lower of £83,682 and one year’s pay).  There is no limit on the awards for discrimination cases and as an example, we have achieved an award for an employee suffering age discrimination of £150,000!

That company didn’t use properly qualified specialists and their decision turned out to be a very expensive mistake.  Don’t put your business in this position – contact our expert solicitors today to book a free initial consultation:

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