Equity release is a specialist area of conveyancing law.
You must take legal advice so you know what you are signing up to, and to ensure your case is handled properly.

  • Free up cash to make home improvements or pay for long term care

  • Discuss which equity release product is appropriate to your circumstances

  • Understand how lifetime mortgages affect your estate when you die

Equity release conveyancing solicitors

An Equity Release Mortgage, or “Lifetime Mortgage”, allows you to borrow money against the value of your home or main residence while retaining ownership.

If you are considering a lifetime mortgage, it is crucial to ensure the rights to your property are not compromised by the scheme, otherwise your home could be at risk, or you could end up owing more than you are able to pay back.

Our equity release conveyancing solicitors provide expert advice on equity release schemes, explaining the benefits and potential problems of these arrangements and how they will affect your estate. Book a free initial consultation today.

Equity Release

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