With all the noise, drama and confusion surrounding Brexit some topics such as borders have dominated the headlines and the subject of employment law has received very little attention.  We have previously said that we didn’t expect many changes in the short term and it appears that this correct.

In July the Government published its White Paper entitled “The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union”.  No doubt you’ve already read it through and memorised it, but if not paragraphs 121 to 123 discuss social and employment laws.

  • Paragraph 121 states that existing rights under EU will continue to be available in the UK following Brexit
  • Paragraph 122 reiterates the commitments to parental leave, flexible working, health and safety, equal rights for all and modern slavery
  • Finally, paragraph 123 proposes that there be no regression in employment laws following Brexit and states a continuing commitment to obligations deriving from the International Labour Organisation

All this suggests that whatever other areas of disagreement remain, employment law will be business as usual on 30th March 2019.

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