When preparing for the future, it’s important to have a Will in place. For many of us it appears at the bottom of a To-Do list and is something that you ‘must get round to’.

Our Private Client team at Backhouse prepare Wills for clients in Chelmsford, Essex and beyond and would like to help get it off your To-Do list! To assist you with the first steps, we have provided some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.

What is involved in the Will Writing process?

One of our expert Will writing solicitors will arrange an appointment to sit with you (and your partner if appropriate) to establish your financial situation and find out what you would like to happen to your assets in the event of your death. We will draw up either single or separate Wills for you.

How long does it take?

Once prepared, you will be sent a draft copy of your Will within 7 working days. After you have reviewed and approved your Will, we can then arrange a signing appointment which will include witnessing the signing your Will to comply with the necessary formalities.

How much does it cost to make a Will?

This will depend on what you want to include. At Backhouse Solicitors we offer a single Simple Will for £200 (plus VAT) and £350 (plus VAT) for mirror Wills (Wills for you and your partner which mirror each other). For a single Standard Will it costs £250 (plus VAT) and £500 (plus VAT) for mirror Wills.

If you have more complicated circumstances, such as complex assets, a business, trusts, overseas assets etc. then your Will is likely to cost more but this will all be discussed in your initial meeting with your solicitor.

Once my Will is signed, can I store it with Backhouse Solicitors?

We offer a year’s free storage in the firm’s secure office in Chelmsford, and thereafter an annual charge of £20 (plus VAT) unless we are appointed as an executor, in which case, storage will be free of charge.

If I want to update my Will, how much will it cost?

For up to 3 minor amendments, we charge £100 plus VAT (this is for 1 Will) or £150 plus VAT (if a couple wish to make changes). However, if the amendments are more complex, the solicitor may advise that a new Will should be made.

What do I need to bring to collect my Will?

If you wish to collect your Will from our office storage, we will need to see two forms of ID (photo ID and proof of address dated within the last 3 months). If you would prefer it to be posted, we will require the two forms of ID and a letter from you signed and dated confirming that you wish for the Will to be posted.

Can I collect someone else’s Will who has died?

To collect the Will of someone who has passed away, we will need confirmation that you are named as an executor. If you are the sole executor, we require two forms of ID (photo and proof of address dated within the last 3 months), and we would also need to see the original death certificate.

If there is more than one executor, we will need to see two forms of ID for each of the executors and the original death certificate. If one of the executors is unable to attend to collect the Will, then we would also require a letter from them confirming they are happy for us to release the Will to you.

We ask for 24 hours’ notice prior to collection.

How Backhouse can help:

At Backhouse Solicitors, we have been preparing carefully drafted Wills for over 200 years and our Private Client team are here to help you with all things Wills, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney and more.

For more information on Will Writing Services, click here to view our dedicated web page or contact the team to speak to one of our experts.

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