With the Government advising the public to avoid non-essential travel as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, many workers are being asked to work from home where possible.

Train operators have seen a considerable drop in passengers and ticket revenue, leading to concerns over their future as even running a scaled down service they still have the fixed costs of paying staff and leasing trains.

To address the problem the Department for Transport (DfT) has halted all private rail franchise agreements and the rail networks will be under Government control. The objective is to make sure that train services will still run, ensuring essential travel services for key workers can continue to operate.

Many train commuters have paid in excess of £5,000 for their season tickets and won’t be using them for the foreseeable future. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said that the Government would “ensure no-one is unfairly out of pocket for doing the right thing” and commuters can now apply for refunds of their season tickets.

Applying for train season ticket refunds

It you are a season ticket holder you have the chance to cancel your season ticket and get a refund on the remaining balance.

You can claim a refund as long as you have enough days remaining unused:

Season Ticket Valid Days Remaining
Weekly 3 or more
Month 7 or more
Annual 7 or more

You should get in touch with the train operator or retailer that you purchased the ticket from. For the Greater Anglia area more details can be found here:


Once you are able to return to work you will need to purchase a replacement ticket.

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