On 26th July 2017 the Supreme Court ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful and have been since their introduction in 2013.  Prior to the ruling the Government gave an undertaking to refund all fees paid since their introduction and the following information on behalf of the Tribunal Service has recently been issued:

“We are now working on the detailed arrangements of the scheme to enable that undertaking to be met and we aim to ensure that the process is as simple and unobtrusive as possible for those who make an application, while ensuring that refunds are only paid to those who are entitled. There are, however, a number of points of detail that we do need to address including, for example, how to deal with refunds in claims involving multiple claimants, and how it will operate when the tribunal has ordered the opposing party to reimburse a fee.”

It is expected that details of the refund process will be issued sometime in September.

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