We first opened the Backhouse Solicitors doors on 5th January 2005, so this month we celebrate 18 years in business – what a journey it has been!

Minal Backhouse started Backhouse Solicitors from a single desk in a spare bedroom at home while pregnant with her second child.  She intended it to be a low-key operation looking after just a few employment law clients, but before long she needed proper offices and a team to help.  She then began what was to be a challenging but exciting adventure, and by the time Backhouse Solicitors took over Duffield Stunt Solicitors in 2015 the team had grown to 21 people and we were solving a wide range of legal problems for clients, not just employment law issues.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, the team had grown to 25 people and like everyone else we had to make rapid changes to the way we worked.  BUT… we kept the doors open under the new rules and restraints and while many other firms shut up shop and turned away work we were able to support our clients old and new.

Before long, work was coming through the door at a rapid rate….a bigger army was needed, and a bigger door!  We bought our own offices and three years later we have a wonderful Backhouse team of 52 lovely people and exciting plans to grow further in 2023… here’s to the next 18 years!