Addressing the Trade Union Congress earlier this week, Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna announced that, if elected, the next Labour Government will scrap the current employment tribunal system in favour of a “fairer system to ensure that affordability is not a barrier to employees seeking redress in the workplace”.

Since the introduction of tribunal fees in 2013 (which range from £160 to £250 to issue a claim, and £230 to £950 for a tribunal hearing), employment tribunal claims have decreased dramatically, leading to fears that many low income earners have been prevented from pursuing employment tribunal claims on grounds of affordability.  Umunna commented “The system has prevented the poorest and most vulnerable employees from upholding their rights, increasing insecurity at work at a time when families have been hit by the cost-of-living crisis.”

Although the Shadow Business Secretary did not commit to revoking fees altogether, he promised to reform the system ensuring a more streamlined and less bureaucratic process for both employees and employers.

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