Legal Aid is a government funded scheme providing access to justice for those who can’t afford to pay legal fees. However, the Legal Aid scheme is being drastically cut back from 1 April 2013 and employment law cases will no longer be covered.

Here at Backhouse Solicitors, we are one of the largest employment law specialist solicitors in Essex and the largest provider of Legal Aid for employment law cases.

If you have an employment law problem and you think that you might be eligible for Legal Aid then don’t delay – contact us before it’s too late. In order to meet the deadline you must sign the application formon or before 31 March 2013.

If you aren’t eligible for Legal Aid or you miss the deadline, then do get in touch aswe can still help:

  • we offer a free 30 minute consultation to all clients
  • your employment case may be covered by your Legal Expenses Insurance (often purchased with your home or motor insurance). If so, we can help you get your cover up and running so that the insurers will help pay for your case
  • we may even be able to negotiate with your employer to pay some of your legal fees if we negotiate a settlement for you

To discuss Legal Aid or any other employment problem, contact us today:

T:    01245 893400
W:   Send us a message via the Contact Backhouse page