The Rise of Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

The Employment team at Backhouse are seeing a growing number of cases from employers in relation to employees disclosing struggles with mental health, including depression or anxiety issues. Understanding your responsibilities as an employer in such circumstances can be challenging and with mental health issues [...]

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Employers – Do you have a Bad Weather policy?

As we approach the middle of winter and the unpredictable weather that brings, there will inevitably be days when the roads and transport network struggle to cope with the weather conditions.  When that happens some employees will find themselves unable to get to work and employers [...]

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An Employer’s Guide to Christmas 2022 – Part 2

Part Two: Disciplinary Issues, Managing Leave and Sickness Absence In part 2 of our Employers’ Guide to Christmas we look at what employers need to do if things don’t quite go according to plan during the festive season. We discuss how to deal with [...]

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An Employer’s Guide to Christmas 2022 – Part 1

Part One: The Office Christmas Party At this time of year, employers can face all sorts of seasonal HR challenges.  This two-part guide helps you to set ground rules and expectations to enable staff to enjoy the festive season, free from the worry of [...]

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