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Arranging Contact with your Children over Christmas 2023

As Christmas approaches you are probably beginning to make plans for the festive period and if you are a separated parent, this can be difficult. Establishing a reasonable and fair arrangement in relation to contact with your children can be emotional and stressful, especially for [...]

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Arranging contact with your children over Christmas 2021

In this article we look at whether it is possible for separated parents to see their children over Christmas and how best to go about making the arrangements. Can children with separated parents see both parents at Christmas? With only two weeks to go until the [...]

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Filing For Divorce – Part 1 of a 3 Part Guide

Applying for divorce is most often a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved in the relationship. The practicalities and arrangements that need to be made through divorce proceedings can make it all the more daunting - factors such as finances, possessions and family only add [...]

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Cohabiting at Downing Street: Do unmarried Johnson and Symonds need a Will?

Many of us wrongly believe that when we die our assets automatically go to our partner. The fact is, if one cohabiting partner dies and hasn’t left a detailed Will, the surviving partner won’t necessarily inherit the estate, including any part of a shared home. With [...]

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