In a bid to “promote wellbeing and gender equality”, and encourage fathers to spend more time with their children, Finland’s new government announced plans to give all parents the same parental leave.

Paid allowance will increase to a combined 14 months, which works out as 164 days per parent.

A 2019 directive indicates the EU is heading toward a similar plan, with member states being given three years to provide each parent with at least four months’ leave, including two months that can not be transferred.

What is a male employee entitled to in shared parental leave?

Shared Parental Leave is an area of employment law that still causes confusion and uncertainty for businesses. One aspect is the pay that a male employee is entitled to when shared parental leave, especially when there is a policy in place for enhanced maternity pay for expectant mothers. 

Is it discriminatory to give a mother on maternity leave more than a father on shared parental leave? 

The answer is no – special treatment is afforded to women in maternity situations.  Although both are entitled to parental leave, maternity leave includes recovery from childbirth and other matters exclusive to the mother in a birth situation. 

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